NATURE'S SERENITY is a psychotherapeutic paradigm utilizing Evolutionary Psychology, the revolutionary new natural science of the mind.  No longer in our natural habitat, the human animal now lives in an artificial environment that has become grossly deviant to our natural needs ---in truth, a poorly designed "human zoo".  Contrary to traditional psychotherapies that teach "adjustment" to the norms of society, Clinical Evolutionary Psychology insists that "normality" can often be the source of our sickness.  Dramatically, it replaces "what is normal to a particular culture" with "what is natural to the human species" as the appropriately scientific standard of mental health.  Simply stated, EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY TEACHES US TO FIND OUR NATURAL BALANCE WITHIN THIS UNNATURAL, AND OFTEN VERY FRUSTRATING WORLD!

Now please read SEX AT DAWN, one of the most ground-breaking books ever written ---as Evolutionary Psychology begins to "flex its muscles"!  I must say that much of the new natural science is still subject to vigorous debate, and my own view is not a mainstream one.  So, as the book's author, Christopher Ryan, declares himself a"renegade evolutionary psychologist", I am a "renegade evolutionary psychotherapist"!

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