NATURE'S SERENITY is a psychotherapeutic paradigm utilizing Evolutionary Psychology (EVO-PSY) the revolutionary new natural science of the mind. Dramatically, it replaces "what is normal in a particular culture" with "what is natural to the human species" as the appropriately “non-culture bound” scientific standard of mental health. 

Traditional "soft science" psychology defines mental illness as a deviation from "statistics" that describe our cultural "normality".  Thus, all licensed psychologists must swear allegiance to the DSM (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual).  Yet:  The "hard" natural science of Evo-Psy insists that "normality" is, perhaps, the greatest source of our sickness!  This is borne out in the extremely important evolutionary treatise, Pandora’s Seed by Spencer Wells, which notes that, according to the World Health Organization, “…mental illness will be the second biggest cause of death and disability by 2020…superseded only by heart disease... …countries ...leading the way...are...America and Japan…Clearly, technology and affluence alone don’t make people happy” (p. 91). Our "normality" is unhealthy!

Thus, Dr. Dale Bach, the director of “Nature's Serenity”, must refuse to participate in traditional psychology or any state licensing system supporting it.  Instead, he practices this alternative healing paradigm internationally (primarily, on the web) as an “evolutionary psychotherapist" ---using this more scientifically rigorous (yet, perhaps, less "politically correct"? LOL!) approach to mental health!

Truly, Evo-Psy does not ask us to "Adjust" to what's "Normal", but rather helps us in finding our "Natural Balance" within this now grossly unnatural, and often very frustrating world!

Now ask yourself: how did your own childhood fare in light of Evo-Psy's "Natural Rights Parenting"? (Click "About Dr. Bach" at top right corner)